District B Pucks and Pars Annual Golf Tournament 11 AM, Tuesday June 16th, 2015

Enjoy a great day on the Links at The Meadows Golf and Country Club, 4335 Hawthorne Rd, Ottawa and support your hockey association!

For Tickets, Sponsorship or More Info Call: 613-807-0667 or E-mail bmhlgolftournament@canterburyhockey.ca  

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Midget AAA Governance Board

The ODMHA is seeking nominations for the Governance Committee of the AAA Midget Pilot Project.

All nominations must be in the office by noon on Saturday May 2nd.  They will be forwarded to the Director of Zoning and Constitution who will verify eligibility.



The President of the League shall preside at all league meetings; he/she shall not vote except in the case of a tie when he/she shall cast the deciding vote.  He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.  The President or designate will be the representative of the League to the ODMHA Executive and Minor Council as a non-voting member.


       1.  Issue notices of all meetings

2.      Provide to all members of the Governance Committee, a copy of the minutes of all league meetings and issue special notices or announcements as required.

3.      Maintain records of all proceedings and meetings

4.      Have custody of all documents and records pertaining to the affairs of the league.

5.      Organize and prepare all documentation for the coaches/managers meeting

6.      Organize and prepare all documentation for the Annual Meeting. Accept notices of proposed amendments no less than thirty days (30) prior to the Annual Meeting.  Provide copies of all amendments to the Board of Directors no less than fifteen days (15) prior to the Annual Meeting and post on the B League website.

7.      Act as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, advertise and accept nominations for the Executive officers of the League.

8.      Conduct the election of officers at the Annual Meeting.  He/she may request a member of the ODMHA in good standing to perform the election.

9.      Pass on any and all records & documentation and related materials, either physically and/or electronically to successor.

Director of Operations

Will act as the primary contact for all league team liaisons. 

Will coordinate day-to-day operations of the league in conjunction with the league Vice Chair including rescheduling of league games when necessary

Nomination Rules

Positions are two year terms with ODMHA option to reaffirm for the third year.All must be nominated by a District Chair (does not need to be their own district)

Previous Association or League management is required.

Sitting members of the ODMHA Executive Committee or Minor Council may be nominated but if successful must give up their current role


Midget AA

At a special meeting of Minor Council on Saturday April 25th Council made an ammendment to the AA League divisions that for the duration of the Midget AAA pilot program, the AA Midget program will also be a operated as a single level consisting of 15, 16 and 17 year olds.

ODMHA & CCHL partnership for new league

ODMHA Minor Council, in partnership with CCHL Tier 1 announces a 3-year pilot project of a new midget
AAA league for the 2015-2016 minor hockey season.

The full memo is attached.

The Powerpoint presentation from the Committee assigned to studying the proposal which was presented on April 7th and subsequently voted on April 13 is also attached.

Three new documents have been added to the links which will provide you with substantial information.  Most importantly is the FAQ's document.

There is also a link here http://thejuniorhockeynews.com/?p=41982 to a newspaper article from the United States calling the new AAA Midget program as ahead of the curve and emulating a development program from the United States that is a proven model.